About Livar

Laivar started specializing in electronics and security systems from year 6.

Officially registered in year 3, the company’s biggest focus is on CCTVs.

Different types of analog, digital, networked and related equipment and monitoring are our expertise.

 Laivar started working with world-renowned brands in the field of video surveillance systems such as HIKVISION China’s first-world brand and is now the brand’s sales and service representative in banking projects and financial institutions throughout Iran.

Livar has been the exclusive distributor of D-MAX brand South Korea and Taiwan’s EVERFOCUS brand in Iran for years 1-5.

Currently, Livar has more than a decade of experience in the sales and operation of CCTV, Alarm Systems, Fire Alarms and Firefighting Systems, and is proud to introduce CCTV cameras in all types of networked and digital

     cameras and CCTV storage devices manufactured in Iran.


  Livar, an eye that never blinks!